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3Dchat provides a comprehensive social networking environment designed for an adult-only audience. This environment includes a social network, a complete virtual 3D world, and consolidated chat client! In 3Dchat you can interact in an environment that very closely resembles your preferred real world social environments which can include activities like going to a restaurant, realistic interactions with other players, playing games in the arcade, and busting a move in the nightclub! The virtual world is a massive multiplayer environment that simulates a modern day setting. Our 3D world is a verified, kid-free zone with social environments that include bars, a club, beach, and numerous other locations. You can relax in your penthouse with the ocean view, walk the streets of the Old City, or dance the night away in one of the nightclubs. You will soon be able to purchase real-world items in our virtual mall. 3Dchat offers a place for adults to socialize in cyberspace, much like they would in real life! Along with 3Dchat we have the social networking website, My 3DChat. My3Dchat is different than many other social networks. Not only is it connected to the 3DChat game itself, but we also allow you to have multiple profiles that serve a couple of different purposes. 3DChat allows you to be whoever you want to be. 3Dchat is a virtual world unlike all others out there. The unsurpassed graphic quality, life-like experiences, integrated social network, and countless in-world features make 3Dchat an entertaining virtual environment with endless possibilities. 3Dchat is also one of the only virtual worlds that ensure people are who they say they are. Our simple but reliable verification system assures that everyone who plays the game will be over 18 years of age. 3Dchat includes a virtual world game, social network and IM chat client. The combination of these three elements within one network is what makes 3Dchat a unique environment.
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Barbie Girls
Barbie Girls MMO Virtual World Game
Barbie Girls is an online MMO virtual world designed especially for girls. In this world, users can customize Barbie dolls with all types of wonderful features. You can create virtual homes for your dolls and decorate them in a variety of different styles. Girls can dress up their dolls in all the latest fashions and chat with friends. There’s even a pet system that allows users to adopt pets. When Barbie Girls MMO was first launched you could purchase a “Barbie Girl” device that gave users VIP access to the website. This device came in blue, green and pink and it was also an MP3 player. These devices allowed the user to unlock many special features that others couldn’t use. Today, these toys have been replaced with a paid subscription starting at $5.99 per month that allows users the same benefits. The paid subscription actually comes with a lot of added benefits that the game didn’t use to have so it has many advantages. For all those concerned parents who worry about their children being online, this virtual world has a feature called “Parents’ Place”. This feature has numerous tools designed to help parents monitor their child’s online activity. You can keep up with what your child is doing at all times. This helps parents to allow their children to enjoy all the benefits the site has to offer while still adhering to their guidelines and rules for Internet use. After signing into the site users can click on the map. This will show you where all the great shopping stores are located where you can purchase clothing and accessories for your Barbie doll. In this online MMO community users can play games, watch Barbie videos and let their creativity shine through in the way they customize their dolls and their homes.  Barbie Girls MMO has become one of the hottest sites online with millions of users already taking advantage of all the benefits this virtual world provides. It’s free to play but many more features will be opened up when you become a paid member. This virtual world is an excellent place for girls to spend free time chatting with old friends and making new ones in a safe and controlled environment. 
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